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A website is only as good as the new business it generates for a client. You can provide exponentially more value to your clients if their website design goes beyond aesthetics and focuses also on user experience, SEO, and conversion, thus increasing their ROI.  

The obligatory intro… I started working with Divi approximately 2.5 years ago.  A self-taught designer who learned the basics by watching YouTube videos, stalking Divi help groups, and eff’ing up a lot of things and figuring out how to fix them. Mostly the latter. As my skills started to advance, I quickly discovered that my local market was far less excited than I about that media query I’d just conquered or the custom CSS that I could now write. When onboarding new clients, it didn’t take long to realize that my local mom and pop businesses all had the same goal and objective for their new website… None of them cared about a $5000 design, or even a $2500 design. They wanted a clean, simple website that ranked well and brought in new customers.

And that was it…the AH-HA moment. From that point forward, I added UX and SEO to my studies and came up with a business model that takes a holistic approach to design.  After all, a gorgeous website that’s buried on page 10 is not helping a client’s business any moreso than a site that ranks on page 1 but doesn’t convert. Design, UX and SEO are really not the mutually exclusive animals that we tend to treat them as and having a basic understanding of all 3 will allow you to provide more value to your website designs, thereby increasing the client’s ROI, as well as your own.

Please check back often, as tutorials will be added frequently and will be based upon questions that I see arise in the various Divi help groups. If you have any questions, feel free to message me here or catch up with me in a Divi group.

If you’d like to team up with a DIVI SEO pro, I am also available for direct hire or to provide white labeled DIVI SEO services for your clients. Local SEO for small businesses is my passion, but in conjunction with SmarkLinks SEO, we can also provide national level SEO services too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Alicia Hughes